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27.05.2022 ERU FEAS 3rd Career Days - Panels of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration

26.05.2022 ERU FEAS 3rd Career Days - Panels of the Department of International Relations

25.05.2022 ERU FEAS 3rd Career Days - Panels of the Department of Public Finance

24.05.2022 ERU FEAS 3rd Career Days - Panels of the Department of Economics

23.05.2022 ERU FEAS 3rd Career Days - Panels of the Department of Business

23.05.2022 ERU FEAS 3rd Career Days

20.05.2022 The Discussion of Ankara and Istanbul in the Turkish Press during the Process of Designating Ankara as the new Capital of Turkey

11.05.2022 Everything About Banking

10.05.2022 Political Foundations of Modern Turkey: Election, Representation, and the Parliament (1918-1923)

15.04.2022 2021-2022 Academic Year Spring Semester Academic Board Meeting was Held

13.04.2022 Country Presentation - Indonesia

13.04.2022 Everything about ERASMUS+

24.11.2021 Economic, Social and Cultural Transformation in Kayseri from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic

23.11.2021 Panel on Combating Informal Economy

22.10.2021 Japanese Modernization

22.10.2021 Mini Concert - Prof. Dr. Levent CITAK

21.09.2021 AHİLİK From Its Basic Sources To The Present

20.09.2021 Ahi Evran Class Opening and Opening Lesson

20.09.2021 An Institution of Humanity: Ahilik and Ahi Evran

09.09.2021 Distance Education Gate Human Rights Education Planning

06.09.2021 Assessment and Evaluation Commission Trainer Training

06.08.2021 ERU FEAS - 2021 Promotion Days

13.07.2021 2020-2021 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony

24.05.2021 ERU FEAS 2nd Career Days

06.05.2021 Student Information Meeting: Calculation of ECTS Workloads

02.04.2021 The Arab Spring At Ten Years: What's The Legacy Of The Uprisings?

05.03.2021 Happy Project: TUBITAK 1003 Priority Areas R&D Project

01.03.2021 Effective Communication in the Distance Education Process


04.02.2021 Internal Stakeholder Meeting (Instructors)

04.02.2021 Internal Stakeholder Meeting (Students)

16.01.2021 Information about Supervised Final Exams

08.01.2021 Prof. Dr. M. Sükrü AKDOGAN Retirement Ceremony

06.01.2021 Conversation on the Department of Economics and the Accreditation Process

26.12.2020 Interview with Alumni

07.12.2020 Project Writing Training

29.11.2020 2020-2021 Academic Year Orientation Meeting

22.11.2020 Economics Club - General Conversation

12.11.2020 Increasing the Fight Against Informal Economy


19.06.2020 TR Ministry of Youth and Sports Projects Cycle Management Seminar

11.03.2020 Kayseri's Women Entrepreneurs

05.03.2020 TÜBİTAK - Project Writing Training

04.03.2020 Economics Club - 3rd Finance Summit

02.03.2020 Orientation and Academic Information Meeting

27.02.2020 Economics Club - Career Summit

26.02.2020 Head of FEAS Meets Students

17.02.2020 Aksaray Fatih Meslek ve Anadolu High School

23.12.2019 Accreditation Process Experience Transfer Meeting

21.06.2019 2018-2019 Graduation Ceremony

28.06.2018 2017-2018 Graduation Ceremony

03.05.2018 ERU FEAS Career Days

28.03.2018 Çanakkale with memories

27.03.2018 Do I hire a FEAS student?

28.02.2018 Conference - My Career and Scenarios

15.06.2017 2016-2017 Education Year Graduation Ceremony