ERU - Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Department of Political Science and Public Administration has been founded on April 7, 2010 within Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Our department has begun to offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs since the 2011-2012 academic year.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute educating the workforce of high quality to be employed by public sector in our country, who are adhered to universal, national, scientific, professional and ethical values, and equipped with the knowledge and capabilities necessary for the field of political science and public administration.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the prominent departments of political science and public administration in our country by constantly enhancing the quality of education in line with the requirements of international scientific standards and expectations of the employers.

Departmental Aims

Our aim is to train prospective professional staff for the various positions in public administration. Graduate students work at managerial levels in the public institutions, such as Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Undersecretary of Treasury and Foreign Trade, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, Capital Markets Board, and various local administration institutions. Besides public sector, they can also get jobs in banking sector and other private institutions, particularly in auditing and personnel departments. In the European Union accession period, the decision and implementation processes based on the participation of non-governmental organizations become increasingly important in the development of administrative and economic policies, which also offers opportunities for our graduate students in this field.

We have four academic divisions in our department:  Political and Social Sciences, Administrative Sciences, Law Sciences, and Urbanization and Environmental Problems. The curriculum of undergraduate study covers the courses in the fields of

- Law Sciences, with a particular focus on Public Law (Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, International Law, Environmental Law)

- Administrative Sciences (administration, central and provincial public organizations, local administrations, administrative structures, personnel administration, and public relations)

- Political Sciences (political regimes, political organizations, political thoughts, foreign politics)

-Urbanization and Environmental Problems (urban administration, housing policy, environmental problems, planning)

Furthermore, we offer classes related to economics, business administration, international relations, and public finance, in cooperation with other departments.

The program, generally referred as Public Administration in Turkey, has been recently constructed under the name of Political Science and Public Administration, as it is increasingly evolving into an interdisciplinary field, and with the aim of making it parallel with international students exchange programs and graduate programs.