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Political Science and International Relations (English)

The Department of Political Science and International Relations is a fresh perspective that provides in-depth analysis of the classical social sciences field. The department is built on an interdisciplinary understanding by bringing together various disciplines of science. 

The program aims to provide the basic concepts of political science and international relations and encourage students to research by examining the political and social events happening and taking place in the world. Our basic approach is to give graduates who can produce versatile, critical, and analytical solutions by reinforcing our students' research, acquiring, and using knowledge skills. In the curriculum prepared for this purpose, courses that develop analytical and critical thinking skills such as political and diplomatic history, fundamental concepts of law, international law, and economics are given.

Since the department is an interdisciplinary science related to social and social structure, graduates can work in many different professions. Graduates of the department have the opportunity to find employment in public institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Customs, private companies, various mass communication organizations, non-governmental organizations. Also, as the language of instruction is English, they can easily find jobs in local and international banks and international organizations. 

Head, Political Science and International Relations (English) Assist. Prof. Dr. Nail TANRIÖVEN

Department of Political Science and International Relations (English) Secretary: Kevser ALSOY
Phone: + 90 352 207 6666 - Ext: 30050

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