ERU - Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Department of International Relations

The aim of International Relations undergraduate program is to contribute to the human resource of the country in this field, through enabling students to have a disciplinary background, academic knowledge, intellectual depth, and critical point of view on the field of international relations.

Our curriculum, developed with a particular emphasis on the subjects concerning the history and phases of international system consisting of the world’s states, and its political, economic, and legal structure and operation, along with the position and foreign relations of Turkey in this system, intends to provide our students with an interdisciplinary knowledge of international relations.

The way to understand the future, in the light of experiences in the past and present, goes through analyzing it with a scientific approach and interdisciplinary point of view. Moving from this point, we aim to train students to become conscious of global issues and problems of the country, and to approach situations and problems in a positive, critical, and objective manner.

Our program gives a special importance to foreign languages, thereby offering our graduate students with opportunities of mobility in a global environment and active participation in reforming the world of 21st century. Students will take a second foreign language course beginning in the third year. A graduate student with advanced level of English, a good common of another second language, and knowledge of international political and economic subjects, will find employment opportunities in public institutions such as ministers, in international organizations, non-governmental institutions, and private companies.

After program started, we will measure to what extent we have reached our goals mentioned above, through an empirical research which will be carried out in cooperation with our students and/or public or private institutions that would be prospective employers of our students. In the direction of the results obtained, we intend to continuously exchange information with our partners to overcome the deficiencies or to make required changes in the program.   

Our department, founded officially in 2005, comprises of three academic divisions: International Law and Organizations, International Relations, and Political History. We have 9 academics - 2  professors, 1 assistant professors, 1 lecturer and 5 research assistants, working in these divisions.