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International Trade and Business

The world economy is shaped by the integration of international products, capital, and service market due to globalization and the variation of this integration. In the globalizing economy, not only the private enterprises but also public institutions and organizations, governments, non-governmental organizations need experts to support this process. 
The program aims to provide our students with the interdisciplinary education necessary for success in global competition, to train managers who can evaluate the risks and opportunities created by global competition, have a command of international marketing, finance, and strategies. In the curriculum prepared for this purpose and basic courses such as international economics, international business, international trade, international finance, the qualifications and characteristics of the international business world, ethical rules and responsibilities of enterprises, motivation and leadership, human resources are also included.
Graduates of the department of international trade and business have job opportunities in many areas both in national and international markets. Our graduates can pursue careers as experts in management, human resources, accounting, finance and marketing of multinational companies and public institutions and organizations in areas such as international commercial cooperation and promotion. In addition to these, they can continue their career as a consultant in the private and public sectors.

Head, International Trade and Business Prof. Dr. Yasemin YAVUZ

Department of International Trade and Business Secretary: Kevser ALSOY
Phone: + 90 352 207 6666 - Ext: 30050

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