ERU - Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Department of Public Finance

As an interdisciplinary field, the academic backgrounds of the science of public finance in Turkey dates back to 1944. In Erciyes University, Department of Public Finance has been founded within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 1993.

The aim of Public Finance undergraduate program is to train students who will work in public sector, particularly in the fields of public finance and auditing, banks operating in the semi-public and private sectors, financial institutions, and other enterprises. In pursuing this goal, we offer classes, in cooperation with other departments, related to fundamentals of economics and law sciences in the first years of study. Last years are mainly devoted to subjects regarding public finance, such as public revenues and expenditures, fiscal theory, budget, government debts, and local governments.   

Our department comprises of four academic divisions: Fiscal Theory, Fiscal Law, Fiscal Economics, Budget and Fiscal Planning. 10 academics - 2 assoc. professors, 4 assis. professors, 1 lecturers, and 3 research assistants- work in these divisions. Currently, we have a total of 1050 undergraduate students, 65 of whom are alien master students, enrolled in our program.