ERU - Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Dean's Message

Dear youths, welcome to Erciyes University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Erciyes University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences consists of five departments such as business, economics, public finance, international relations and political science and public administration.  Our faculty  brings you  vocational skills in related topics of social sciences and helps you to  to become a mature individual  who is beneficial to society. Vocational completeness has never been the mission of the university. However, vocational completeness accrues with the summer internship you will do during your education and job experience after your university education.

Besides  our faculty  physical facilities ( computer laboratory, library, reading hall, opportunity to improve foreign language etc. ), our 40-year history,  experienced academic and administrative personel  generates our most important superiority. The average years of academic service are 21 years in management department, 15 years in economics department, 10 years in public finance department and 7 yeras in international relations department. As you can predict, the expertness is a feature which is attained in case of  doing a job for years. Therefore, our lecturers transfer their experiences to students  through relating  the lecture with  practises besides their theoric knowledge.

In our faculty, on the one hand, you can prepare for work life with theoric education and obligatory practice (internship) related with your field, on the other hand you can improve your foreign language  by taking advantage of Erasmus opportunity.  The studies you do by utilizing library opportunity of both our faculty and university, by targetting and by making use of time well will help you in journey of life.  

Thereby, in case of our youths come to our faculty, attend their lecture  and improve their knowledge under the guidance of their lecturers, they  feel less anxiety about employments after  graduation.   We have graduates who are working in high position in both public and private sector. I want to express  we are glad to see students, who are accepted for our departments, are hardworking, compatible with team work,  well-diciplined, have high self-confidence and want to serve their country,  between us.

I wish you a successful university life with full of good memories.

Prof. Dr. Şaban UZAY