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2021 Summer School - Make-up Exam Application Results and Exam Schedule


The applications made for the ERU FEAS 2021 Summer School Make-up Exams were examined and it was deemed appropriate for the students whose names are mentioned below to take the make-up exam from the relevant courses.

1020117123 Hatice Hande AMARATLICAN - Statistics II (A. Hasköse)

1020210161 Merve Nur BALIKÇI - Statistics II (A. Hasköse)

1020216440 Salih Emre BAHADIR - Web Sayfası Tasarımı (G. Güven)

1020510585 Seda ALTIPARMAK - Yerel Yönetimler (H. Korkmaz)

4901012652 Abdullah DARAMAN - İdare Hukuku (H. Korkmaz)

2021 Summer School Midterm Make-up Exams will be held on 6-10 September 2021, at the time and in the manner determined by the instructor. Please contact the lecturer about the exams.


It is announced to the interested students.

ERU FEAS Dean's Office