ERCİYES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES LINKS COURSE CATALOGUE INFORMATION ON THE INSTITUTION INFORMATION ON THE INSTITUTION INFORMATION ON DEGREE PROGRAMMES GENERAL INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS General Description of the Insititution   The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, a non-profit state institution, is  one of the oldest and most prestigious faculties of Erciyes University. It started  education on January 7, 1980 with 75 students enrolled in the department of business.  Currently, a total of 2800 students are in its undergraduate programs. The Faculty  provides education in a way that aims at fostering students’ critical and analytical  thinking skills and thus having them equipped with the capabilities necessary for active  participation in the global professional life.   As of 2004 fall semester, the faculty employs a total of 65 academic staff: 15 professors,  6 associate professors, 14 assistant professors, 30 research and teaching assistants. 23  of the  academic staff have gained their undergraduate and graduate degrees from the  universities in USA, England, France and Germany.  The Faculty offers three undergraduate programs each with a length of four years:  business, economics, and public finance. Students take the English Proficiency Exam  prior to the freshman class. Those who pass this test are entitled to directly attend  classes in their respective programs.  However, those who fail the Proficiency Test are  required to attend a one-year preparatory English program at the School of Foreign  Languages. As a follow-up to the English preparatory education, students also take  various English courses throughout their studies at the faculty such as: Advanced  English, Translation from English to Turkish, Translation from Turkish to English, and  Written Communication in English.   The rich curricula of the faculty, the detailed contents of which are to be presented in  the forthcoming sections, consist of standard must courses and a smorgasbord of  elective courses to meet the student’s needs and interests.  In some elective courses the medium of instruction is English.   The departments of business and economics offer day-time classes as well as evening  classes, whereas the department of public finance, which is relatively a new program,  currently offers only day classes.