ERU - Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences



  1. After you have completed your application on this system, you are required to get printout from the printer. Therefore, please make your application on a computer that has a connection to the printer.
  2. Just the application of Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences (FEAS) students will be considered through this system. FEAS students who are in School of Foreign Languages can also apply.
  3. Both applications of MONEY and FOOD scholarship are made in this system. You can chose the one you need from reference type section. You can either choose food scholarship or food scholarship or both.  
  4. There will be a reference number on the printout which you got after making the application. Do not lose it, please. Because it will used in the announcements not your name-surname or student number.
  5. Application procedures will continue until 6 October 2020 (by 23:59).
  6. Student will be interviewed between 10 -11 October 2020.  You can follow the interview list by your reference number from Erciyes University FEAS bulletin boards or university webpage.
  7.  There will be no assessment for the students who have not attended to the interviews.
  8. After making the scholarship application, you need to deliver the printout together with additional documents if necessary to Ebru ALEGOZ, officer in the Erciyes University FEAS Dean’s office.
  9. You should do your KYK applications on by yourself. This system is just applicable for scholarship given by the Erciyes University.