Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leyla LEBLEBİCİ KOÇER

The Mediation Effects of Green Perceived Consumer Skepticism and Green Perceived Risk in the Relationship Between Greenwashing And Green Trust
Assist. Prof. Dr. Can KAKIŞIM
Peace Studies and the Vision of Democratic Peace in the Age of Liberalism: A Theoretical Analysis
Assist. Prof. Dr. H. Pınar KAYA
The Factors Affecting the Number of Auditors in Audit Staff of Independent Audit Firms in Turkey
Assist. Prof. Dr. Gülçin TAŞKIRAN
Assist. Prof. Dr. Zafer KİRAZ

Metaphoric Perceptions of Students in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations Department about Trade Union
Assist. Prof. Dr. İlhami VURAL
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kenan GÜLLÜ

A Research in Kazakhstan on the Demographic Characteristics of Women in Purchasing Decision Process
Res. Assist. Dr. Mustafa Ercan KILIÇ
Prof. Dr. Ali KOÇYİĞİT

The Examination of the Effect of Social Capital on Innovation for Turkey: Spatial Analysis
Dr. Hamit ERDAL
The Importance of the Supply Chain Risk Management in the Light of Historical Experience
Res. Assist. Mustafa Emin GÜL
Assist. Prof. Dr. Talip TORUN
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cüneyt DUMRUL

An Application on the Determinants of Turkish Participatory Banks' Funding Sources and the Relationship of These Banks with Conventional Banks
Determination of the Factors Effecting the Asset Profitability of Turkish Development and Investment Banks

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