ERCİYES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES LINKS COURSE CATALOGUE INFORMATION ON DEGREE PROGRAMMES INFORMATION ON THE INSTITUTION INFORMATION ON DEGREE PROGRAMMES GENERAL INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS Qualifications Awarded  Qualifications awarded are BA in economics, business and public finance, MA in  economics and business, and PhD in economics and business. Students who gain BA  degree from the faculty’s undergraduate programs have employment opportunities in  the fields such as banking, manufacturing, insurance, advertisement, tourism and  public service. Those who gain MA degree from the faculty’s masters programs are  generally the employees in the public and private sectors who seek to improve their  personal capabilities and skills in their fields of work. The student profile of the  doctorate programs, on the other hand, is generally composed of research assistants  of faculties or those individuals who intend to gain advanced research skills in their  fields of interest.