ERCİYES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES LINKS COURSE CATALOGUE GENERAL INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS INFORMATION ON THE INSTITUTION INFORMATION ON DEGREE PROGRAMMES GENERAL INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS Practical Information for Mobile Students  Kayseri, with a population of over a million people; is an industrial and trade center  located in the middle of Turkey. Kayseri is situated in the heart of Central Anatolia  and 320 km from Ankara (the capital of Turkey). The city is located on a plain  between the large curves of the Kızılırmak River and the wide skirts of Erciyes  Mountain.   Kayseri is a popular tourism center for skiing and winter sports. Mt. Erciyes (3916 m)  is an ideal place for climbing and winter sports, located approximately 25 km to the  South of Kayseri. In the Kayseri area there are many natural wonders such as Ala  National Park, Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls and Sultan Sazlığı. In nearby Göreme, a popular  tourist area and Soğanlı Valley, famous for its handmade dolls and historical churches  is 80km from Kayseri.  Kayseri is a major transport nexus for the region. You can reach Kayseri by either  plane or bus. Kayseri Erkilet International Airport (ASR) is approximately 5 kilometers  (3 miles) away from the city center. There are several flights every day to the  Istanbul airports which are Turkey's premium air transportation hub. During the  summer months there are some direct flight from European countries to the Kayseri  airport. Kayseri has a busy bus station with very frequent and convenient coach  service to and from Ankara and Istanbul as well as other cities in Turkey. The journey  from Ankara takes about 5 hours (316km) and from Istanbul 12 hours (770km).  Buses and trams provide an excellent and inexpensive means of transportation  throughout the city. Taxis are an easy, private form of transportation to get around  the city.  Buses are an inexpensive form of public transportation that you can use to  travel to different parts of the city. Tickets or proximity cards need to be purchased in  advance from a ticket seller; they are located at various bus stops/ shops throughout  the city.  The climate in Kayseri is typically continental; the summers are long and pleasantly  hot with cool nights; there is little rainfall or humidity. The winters are cold with some  rain and snow.