ERCİYES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES LINKS COURSE CATALOGUE GENERAL INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS INFORMATION ON THE INSTITUTION INFORMATION ON DEGREE PROGRAMMES GENERAL INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS  Accommodation    The University has two dormitories in Kayseri (one for males the other for females)  each with a capacity to house 1500 students. The rooms vary from two to six beds.  Central heating and hot water are available. Lunch and dinner are served.  Barbers/hairdressers, internet café, laundry facilities, dry cleaning services and study  halls are the additional conveniences that are provided. Private dormitories, student  hostels, or flats in Talas or in the city center are among the other accommodation  alternatives. No matter where the student stays, he/she can easily commute to and  from the campus by means of public transportation.